Captured by aeris Objective

This section of my blog is where i HUNT for "look of the day". you can see me hunting around with my camera and trying to find right looks .

Different styles , different combinations so that we can all discover our OWN style.

Let's see who are captured by my objective today.winks*

Saturday, 12 May 2012


Kourtney  Barzane

The look of the day for today is Kourtney. I hunted her while checking one of the stores and she was captured by my objective.  Youc an see the sassy stylish look on her when you  first look at her. Most important part is the usage of accessories. She made a great choice of them following her style. Girls dont forget. Accessories might be details but details are what make our style explode.

Congratz to sassy girl Kourtney

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


valery  benelli

Valery is the  one "right look" which is captured by my objective today.  I really love people who  has talent on creating "different" on secondlife.  she has one classic look  but the colour of her hairs and make up making this classic look turn into originallity. Also i wanna congratulate her on how great she made her mesh salopette fit her body. I suggest you readers to follow standart size information attached on mesh products .   And congratz "look of today"  Valerie... huggs

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Vertige Resident

today a beauty in tangerine is captured by my objective. Another original look and style on secondlife.  It is a very good choice of her using redish shoes. if you have an original colour of hairs like Vertige has you need to be careful which accessories you wanna flsh on you.  congratz the look of the day Vertige . huggs

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Babydoll tracy
I met with this diva in golden while shopping for hairs.  The combination she chose on her is totaly perfect.  I wanna give you a tip refering Babydoll. Golden is not one of easy-going colours. If you wanna have a elegance look you should choose all colours on you along golden colour.
colour of her hairs letting us see how beautiful her eyes are.  The colour she chosen for combination is hard but she did a great greta job.
Gongratz to Diva in Golden. Huggs Babydoll 



                                                                     Ammany Schnute

Amani is caughted by my objective today. I met with her in one of the shops  and couldnt help but took her snapshot.

A real SUGAR BABE!!   The details i love on her is that she fit her sculpted top perfectly to her body. The colour of her hairs shorts, sandals all in a nice harmony reminding me of spring.

The latest fashion for blondies is prefering more natural palette hairs as the one you see on Ammany.

you rock Sugar Babe!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


                                                              dula zenovka

Another style that was caught by my objective  today was Dula. I always love the combination of antique accessories with more modern styles. Dula is one example to that. It is not always easy to combine brown and gray. You shouldnt add another colour if you wanna go with brown and gray. Best way of combination would be playing same contrast colours for your style. Dula is one good example for it.Congratz!


                                                                    eloise  chantilly

Black has always been one elegance and also wild colour since centuries. Today Eloise Chantilly was caught to my objective with her look. 

While Her strip leggings and salopette is sporty, her hairs and boots are more elegant . and the opposite of styles giving us clues about her own style.

Congratz Elo! you rock girl!